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New Owner Here

I have been lurking here for a couple of months while looking for a 211 CC. I finally purchased a 2004 211 fishing model with a F150 yamaha with 320 hours. I took a big risk after losing two 211's but did run the engine on muffs. As soon as I bought it I went straight to the shop to have it diagnosed and was pacing like a new father in the waiting room. Turns out the engine had 261 hours on it, no fault reports, and the only thing found was a very slight vibration at idle. Dealer told me to it only had 1.8 hours above 5000 and I need to 'go run the snot out of it and clean it out". Compression ranged from 194-196 and was told I'm in good shape. The boat runs like a dream so far. 

There was some issues one would expect. Trailer lights were dead and waterlogged (replaced with LEDs) and the trim cam and fuel sender needed replacing. I did that in one afternoon thanks to advice given here in the past. I was sure the tilt trim was too much for me but as most of you know it is drop dead simple. I did something real stupid with the fuel sender and wound up with the guts of the new sender in the tank! After a little clothes hanger fishing (no license required) I snagged it, rebuilt it, and all is working fine. We will see if I got those O-rings back on right! Thanks again for all the info.

I apologize I just realized I have not taken any pictures yet. Will do so tomorrow, but I do have one big issue I need help with. I bought this particular model for fishing. I use to fish semi-professionally and after 15 years without so much as a cast, when my wife said she wanted a deck boat it all started rushing back. The Hurricane is not a bass boat but I have long ago outgrown that kind of rig. I want to fish, but I can make do with an SUV just fine.

So my question is about a trolling motor I will start a new thread on but again thanks for all the help. 


  • cjjjdeck
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    Welcome to the forum and congrats on becoming a Hurricane owner blivet!

    Regarding trolling motors, just use the search field and type in trolling motor and you will find a pretty good listing of threads and pictures you should find useful.

    Definitely post pics!  The center console models are truly a unique and very cool boat design! 
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  • blivet
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    Thank you. I only got one picture today. You can see for yourself I was getting the evil eye and was in a rush. Thanks. I will go back through the forums again for some info.
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    Congrats and welcome!  Nice boat!
  • cjjjdeck
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    Isn't it amazing how boating always seems to put a big smile on faces!

    I'm sure the expressions changed when you fired it up and were underway!

    Beautiful boat!  It looks like the boat is already wired for the trolling motor.
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    2012 Load Rite Elite Tandem axle trailer