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2004 211 Model - Trolling Motor

blivet Member Posts: 8
My boat did not come with a trolling motor so this is my next project. I have read the discussions on this topic here and elsewhere and realize it is not a simple solution on this mini-deck because of docking lights and limited mounting space, but I was wondering if anyone has figured out a good setup for these single pedestal (in the front) fishing versions? I have seen some that lay back through the step opening beside the pedestal hole, but I'm thinking deploying that would hit the seat? I like the sideways mount as well but I understand they hit the docking lights.

Finally, I was wondering if anybody has mounted the 24v batteries anywhere other than the battery compartment. I have a prewired version so I assume the leads come out in the current battery tray because a latter is to starboard. The service department I use is scratching their heads on it but I was wondering if anybody has that same set up. It seems that 4 batteries in the same spot would cause a significant list to port.

Thanks in advance for any advice.


  • IdahoMark
    IdahoMark Member Posts: 14
    I've a 2004 Hurricane 198REF and I had a MotorGuide installed on the front.  I used the "transom" style as I didn't want a foot pedal.  81 lb thrust.  Works great and I can remove it while it's in the driveway.  Also, I have all three batteries (main and two trolling) in the battery compartment.  I had a nice charger installed on the front bulkhead and it conditions and charges all three batteries while sitting in the driveway.  Lastly, I purchased a small depth/fish finder and clamped the transducer to the bottom of the trolling motor.  Using a metal bracket attached inside the anchor door and added another Nav/Anchor plug to power it.   Works great and not too cumbersome when using the boat for swimming, skiing, tubing, etc.  Attached a photo
  • blivet
    blivet Member Posts: 8
    Thanks, Mark. I think I have less real estate to work (see picture attached) with but I did find today fishing for the first time up front that a hand controlled trolling motor is the way to go. My feet take up all the room up front, but I like sitting that close to the edge so it should work out fine. When you raise that motor up would it hit this seat? It appears it would. I suppose I need to go buy something and figure it out as I go.

    Thanks for the info.
  • nquirk
    nquirk Member, Moderator Posts: 672 ✭✭✭✭
    Here is a recent thread with a bunch of information I've provided to another member on here.  I have a SS188 and its running a 12V 55# thrust PowerDrive V2.  It allows me to navigate around shoals, cross the bay (less than half mile across) and move with ease, however in a strong current or medium to heavy wind I would consider it a little undersized.  But, because of how I fish, it does just fine.

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  • IdahoMark
    IdahoMark Member Posts: 14
    Blivet:  Yup, lots less bow.  Yes, I believe that it would hit it, but can't you pull the seat to stow the motor?  I know that might be a pain.  Also, after a couple years, I found it easier to stand for the whole day while fishing.  I put my seats in storage.  Or you could swap out the seat stand for something taller, maybe hydraulic up/down lift.

    Lastly, speak with your local boat dealer....find one that looks like he's low maintenance.  Ask him for ideas on the trolling motor - you may be surprised.  My local guy has come up with all kinds of great advice for me, but I live in a small Idaho town with only one boat guy.
  • blivet
    blivet Member Posts: 8
    Thanks all. Very helpful. I obviously just thought I had found all threads. 

    Mark I have always stood but this little deck with a built in trip hazard has me second guessing that. A butt seat may just do the trick though. I think removing the seat each time is doable the more I think about it.

    I'm going to finish with a likely stupid question. I have two batteries in this boat with a battery switch - on 1, 2 or both. If I go with a 24v battery I'm assuming I can use on of those for the TM, so 3 total? I assume that second battery is there because it is a fishing package and it was assumed there would be a 12v TM installed? My bass boat had one cranking battery so I was a little confused by this at first. I just want to make sure I only need the one battery for cranking or if that battery switch is for something else entirely.

  • IdahoMark
    IdahoMark Member Posts: 14
    That's what I'm thinking too for the second battery, but you can isolate it by disconnecting the wires and running a continuity check (ohms) to the plug for the TM.  That, I think, will confirm it is solely for the TM.  Also, disconnect it and try to turn all other options on.  If something doesn't work, bingo.  If not, add another battery for your 24v TM and you'll be golden......don't forget, I recommend the onboard battery conditioner/charger if not already installed.  BTW, my MotorGuide is a 3-blade "Machete" and the 24v system lets me troll for hour upon hour.
  • cjjjdeck
    cjjjdeck Member, Moderator Posts: 1,872 ✭✭✭✭
    The on-board charger is an excellent suggestion, IdahoMark.  I'm not sure what type of batteries you are using (flooded, AGM or Gel).  I will tell you that if you decide on AGM type (which is what I went with), make sure you use a charger with a microprocessor that is made for AGM batteries.  Flooded batteries can also benefit from these chargers as well.  I chose a Pro Charging Systems "Dual Pro Professional Series" three bank charger (made in Tennessee).  It has three separate chargers built into one unit.  I had one on my previous boat and worked well, this one is no exception.  I heard MinnKota makes a very good charger as well. 
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  • blivet
    blivet Member Posts: 8
    Thanks all. I'm about to pull the trigger on a riptide or terrova as soon as I get the measurement on the waterline. I think the 54 will work but I will double check it to be sure. I think either of those models will deploy in such a way that allows me pass under the seat, but if not I will work around it. I'm hoping that 54" will allow me to mount diagonally, but I cannot find dimensions on it that shows the total length from the bottom of the foot to the top of the head so I can see if it will fit. I will take a tape measure to Bass Pro Shops this week!

    I was planning on the dual pro as well. I used it when i had my bass boat and it worked perfectly. I think I have this in my head enough to move forward. Just going to confirm the measurements and get it done. Anchor fishing is driving me crazy :).