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EZ rewire kit

I bought a 1998 fun deck 201 at the beginning of the summer. The previous owner had a spaghetti mess of wires under the console. I had on going problems with the courtesy lights, navigation lights and fuel gauge working sporadically. Some of the connectors had been changed over the years and WD40 had been sprayed on the wiring to prevent corrosion buildup. Needless to say every time I touched the wiring my hands turned black. I decided to rip out the existing wiring and start fresh.
I found a great alternative from EZACDC wiring that cut my rewiring job in half and it also cleaned the spaghetti mess up. I basically chopped out all of the wiring from the dash gauges, breakers, and dash switches. I installed a new fuse block with all new switches and wiring to the gauges. The wiring harnesses are color coded and come with new crimped connectors. it comes with full instructions to splice into your existing accessories. You can even order complete wire harnesses to go to each accessory.
While I had the dash panels torn out I glued a couple of cracks and spray painted them with rustoleum metallic paint. You can't find dash replacement panels anymore and this was a great alternative to clean them up. I'm happy to say all of my accessories are now working. 
If you you are having wiring issues I would highly recommend EZACDC for your wiring needs. 


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    Just looked at their website.  Great system, especially for a "project" boat.
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