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2012 Hurricane 231 center console dash space specs for a combo GPS / fishfinder

I have a 2012 Hurricane 231 center console. I am finally getting ready to install a combo GPS / fish and the large opening in the center of the dash looks great for a custom fit. I haven't tried to remove the dash panel to see what space and structural limitations I have for a flush mounted GPS / finder screen unit, and the boat is about 100 miles away at my lake storage shed. Are there any drawings and/or dimensional reference materials that can be used to start to narrow down the space limitations I need to make sure my to-be-purchased unit will fit into?

I am leaning towards a Hummingbird unit with a 10.4 inch screen if it will fit, either:
(1) a Hummingbird ONIX10ci SI Combo . It looks like the flush mount cutout is 12.1' x 7.5" with a little larger space of course required for the mounted portion overhang, or 
(2) a Hummingbird 1199CI HD SI COMBO . It looks like the flush mounted cutout is a little smaller than the ONIX 10

If these units won't fit (too large), then I would step down to a Hummingbird unit with a 8 inch screen, either
(1) a Hummingbird  ONIX8CI SI COMBO . It looks like the flush mounted cutout is 10.75" x 6.32", or
(2) a Hummingbird 999CI HD SI COMBO . It looks like that cutout is a little smaller than the ONIX 8


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    There has to be at least 3" of room behind the panel for any of the gauges to fit (that's from Faria).  Looking at the picture of the console, it looks like there could even be more (Mine does).

    The largest size unit that Hurricane lists as an option for your boat is the Garmin EchoMap 70s with 9.0" x 5.6" x 2.4" dimensions.  The trick is how "thin" can you go before the instrument panel material cracks in the corners from underway stresses over time.  My guess is that maybe Hurricane figured that out by offering the 70s model.  That size probably keeps the surrounding instrument panel material "beefy" enough to better prevent cracking from happening.

    I have a message into Hurricane on this and see if they have any recommendations.
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