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Livewell 2003 GS211

MacAttack Member Posts: 13
Aft livewell wont drain. Is configured as follows: fill/drain port in bottom covered with bulbous screen cover, overflow port upper aft starboard  corner, white plastic rotatable fill or aeration valve upper aft port corner, "Livewell" rotary power knob at helm, "inverted T" rotatable 3-position knob at helm connected to control cable that goes to recirc valve on pump in bilge.
With power on, livewell fills from bottom.
Can't drain livewell.
Cable to recirc valve on pump seems "frozen" switch at helm wont move. I'm guessing either the cable is seized up cuz even after disconnecting it from switch it wont move. 
Dealer sez it could be, or the recirc valve itself is frozen in the "fill" position. I can just barely get my fingertips on the apparatus (Attwood pump) in bilge thru access ports forward of motor.  Dealer sez only way to get in there is to cut ANOTHER larger access back there.
Yikes! Anyone have info on this whole mess?  Thanks


  • HydroCanis
    HydroCanis Member Posts: 177 ✭✭
    Interesting how differently the live wells work between your model and mine in the same year. AFAIK mine only has a single control—on/off for the pump. It drains almost completely when the pipe in the drain hole is removed. The switch does not turn on the pump, and it's such a stretch from the nearest access hole that I've procrastinated working on it. So I don't even know if it's the pump or the switch or breaker that failed. Maybe I misunderstand how it's supposed to work. There are valves just inside the hull on the intake and outtake for it. Both are open and I haven't messed with them. Does your GS have such valves, and are they open?
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  • MacAttack
    MacAttack Member Posts: 13
    My GS has a valve on intake line just inside transom (open), overfill line plumbs into bilge line downstream of bilge pump.  My system does not have a tube in bottom drain, no provision for it. I am in contact with livewell system manufacturer, Flow Rite.  My system is a "system 3" according to's what it looks like
    overriding issue continues to be how the heck to get AT the pump/recirc valve to begin with without cutting another access in the hull.