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I need input please.

My wife and I are thinking about a Sundeck model this year or 2015 and I'd like some input from you guys about your boats please. It seems I need info on outboard engines and inboard engines. Can you tell me what you have and give me hp and speed and fuel efficiency. I can't decide what to get the boat with.
I really appreciate anyones help in this buying decision.
We are looking at the 24SD as of now.

Tom…………come on spring!

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  • endlessseas
    endlessseas Member Posts: 20
    Thank you for your help.
  • endlessseas
    endlessseas Member Posts: 20
    Thank you very much sounds like you have a fun boat.
  • endlessseas
    endlessseas Member Posts: 20
    I still would like some input if anyone else will take the time please?

  • longlake
    longlake Member Posts: 18 ✭✭
    Hey endlesseas, I bought a 2014 188 gs this past year and was faced with the same or ob?  My brother has a 202 with an io and I always like the performance of his boat.  One thing that always bothered me though was when just going at an idle speed, there's a lot of play in the steering wheel in the io.  Also, I like to save a few bucks by doing maintenance and winterization myself, which I can do with the OB.  We boat in Minnesota so winterization is important. I ended up going with  150 YAMAHA 4 stroke.  Another advantage of the OB for me was you gain a little more cockpit space than the io.  The downside is you miss out on the back swim deck, which is a very nice feature.  The OB is a lighter weight and as such leaves a smaller boat wake, which I like for water skiing purposes. But honestly, you can't go wrong with either decision.  Both will make a great rig.  In my case I get 47 to 48 mph with the 150 hp.  I think it probably has a little better hole shot for water skiing than the IO might have also.  Good luck.

  • endlessseas
    endlessseas Member Posts: 20
    Thank you very much.
  • HydroCanis
    HydroCanis Member Posts: 176 ✭✭
    Several have commented on the nicety of having a full swim deck in the back with I/O. The full width rear deck is definitely nice, as it's lower, but the Sundeck models I'm familiar with have a pretty good sized front deck with ladder as well. If you have socket mounts for fishing chairs, that reduces the sitting area a bit, and dangling your feet in the water isn't going to work so well off the front unless you're playing for the NBA. Floating around ahead of the bow means not having to avoid bumping into the prop (always off but still, ouch) but also avoiding getting too far below and bopping your head on the bottom of the hull as the boat bobs around.
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  • endlessseas
    endlessseas Member Posts: 20
  • bshippjr
    bshippjr Member Posts: 116 ✭✭✭
    The big factor for me between I/O and OB was the winterization.  Our boat stays on a covered lift in a marina and there are times during the winter when it is warm enough to take it out.  I had a 1999 GS248 with I/O, and once winterized it would be a hassle if we took it out (another factor in switching boats was that the wife preferred the full windshield).  I found a used 2000 SD217 with a 150 Johnson 2 stroke.  Now it is no issue if we want to take it out.  I just need to make sure it is trimmed straight to drain all water.  Another plus is the simple maintenance of the OB.  About every 3 yrs I have the plugs, impeller, and water pump replaced.  A welcome side effect of the change is that the deck space of the 21' OB is close to that of the 24' I/O. 

    2000 Hurricane SD 217 OB
  • Ernest_T
    Ernest_T Member, Moderator Posts: 269 ✭✭✭
    I also have a 217 SD same as HydroCanis mentioned above.  Mine is a 2010 model with a Yamaha 150 4 stroke OB engine.  My top speed is also around 40 mph, and fuel efficiency with this combination is good, but I've never measured actual fuel mileage.  

    Like others have mentioned, I went with the OB primarily for winterization advantages.  For example, this year I have not yet winterized my boat.  I still take it out occasionally late in the season to fish.  Plus, here in the SE we occasionally have a warm streak during the winter, and I can take the family out.  All the inboard guys are pretty much stuck until next season, since they can't pull their boats out without having to completely re-winterize.  I'm also able to do all the maintenance on the OB myself.  I don't think I would feel comfortable doing the same on an inboard.  I do lose the availability of a rear swim platform with the OB, which would be nice during the summer months.  

    The 2400 that you are looking at is a very nice boat.  I think you would be very happy with it.  
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