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Bilge pump operation

2003 GS211, Mayfair (Johnson) 1000GPH bilge pump with Mayfair auto float switch. 
Pump runs continuously with Bilge switch ON at helm, as designed.
My question just to be sure.... With ALL switches off at helm, including Master and Access, should the pump turn ON if bilge fills with water OR if I simply flip the tab on side of float switch up? If it does NOT then it's most likely in-line fuse direct to Batt or bad float switch, correct?


  • Ernest_T
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    I believe that you are correct, at least that is how it works on my boat.  If it works when you flip the manual switch, but not otherwise, it must be a bad float switch.
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  • nquirk
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    edited December 2014
    That is exactly how it works.  

    There should be 3 wires.  1 for ground, 1 for the helm switch, 1 for the battery.

    If it fails to work there is an inline fuse (usually a 4A or 5A fuse) in a waterproof holder directly connected to the battery positive terminal.

    If its fine, then the float switch itself could be faulty.

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