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2003 GS211

bcfarms Member Posts: 2
Hello, Been looking at purchasing my first hurricane. Found a 2003 GS211 with an outboard that we really like. NADA has this boat valued a lot higher than other similar models from this year. It has a base value on the boat @ 10k, while other boats like the 201GS have a base of 6 k.  Is the 211GS value really twice as high as the 201GS?

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  • bcfarms
    bcfarms Member Posts: 2
    Thanks guys for the reply. I definitely do not see many 211s on the market.
  • RuddsRetreat
    RuddsRetreat Member Posts: 55 ✭✭
    I have a 2003 211 and love it,  Hope you got one yourself..
  • HydroCanis
    HydroCanis Member Posts: 177 ✭✭
    I had been admiring a GS211 with a Johnson OB parked next to my camper in a storage lot. It had not been moved at all for years. When I decided to acquire a boat last Spring, I asked the storage lot owner to contact the boat's owner and ask if they were interested in selling. The next time I went to the lot, the boat was gone. It reappeared in the Fall. Kind of a funny coincidence there. I have to wonder if the inquiry reminded the owner of how much fun (s)he was missing by not using it. :p
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