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Would like to know the reasoning behind filling the gear oil from the bottom.  I am sure there is a reason, but I am  unaware of it.  I have a Suzuki DF150 and it has three holes in support of the gear oil; drain hole,  air vent hole and oil level hole.  Why doesn't this system work like normal oil, drain, replace drain plug, fill from above hole?  
Another oddity is it seems that all of the oil drain plugs I have seen are to be removed with standard slot screw drivers.  Seems like a poor design, but I could def be missing something.    


  • cjjjdeck
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    Primarily it's to minimize the amount of air in the drive.
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    Yup, gets all the air out, the holes are so small it would take forever to try and fill it from the top, once the oil comes out the top hole put the screw in the top and you won't lose much out the bottom while putting that screw in, and the standard slot screws work pretty good with the right screw driver, I see it all the time guys try to change their own gear oil and then bring it to the shop for me to do after they strip them, even then they are easy to get out with a hammer and chisel.