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should my warning buzzers/lights come on when I turn on the ignition,my boat is 2001 17' Hurricane

also my yamaha 90 2001 does not seem to have any grease nipples on the main shaft where the engine pivots from side to side,one last thing I would like to fit a temp gauge,but my local Yamaha dealer says it may interfere with existing warning buzzers ( which I have never heard) and was part of my opening question. thank you Tedley.

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  • Dave
    Dave Member Posts: 30 ✭✭
    I think what you hear when the ignition is turned on is your warning buzzer. It should be audible until the engine starts. Most likely your boat has a electronic control module that takes inputs from the engine and will sound an alarm if an input is out of a preset range. If you don't hear the alarm when you turn the ignition on means it maybe disconnected. You may be able to add a temp gauge but I think it would have to be completely separate from the engine control module. I'm not an expert, just info I have learned from the years of boat ownership. 
  • tedley
    tedley Member Posts: 4
    thanks for the reply Dave,I hear no buzzer or see any lights,so have to assume it is disconnected,which is not good as I have no warning if oil pump stops or engine overheats
  • Suzook
    Suzook Member Posts: 42
    I have the same issue on 06 Yamaha F150, can someone in the know post pic of the connection in question.

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  • tedley
    tedley Member Posts: 4
    thanks Ernest T,I will go with either pressure or temp thanks for the info and photo
  • Ernest_T
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    If you install either gauge (temperature or water pressure) using the port on the engine, this is completely separate from the system that controls the warning buzzer, so you would not have to worry about any interference, but this would not provide any warning sounds in an overheat situation.  These gauges would provide a visual reference to the condition of the cooling of the engine, but no warning if something was out of spec.
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