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2008 GS 202 Fun Deck Wet Weight

gordonvp Member Posts: 8
I need to size a lift for my 2008 GS 202 with a Yam 150 OB which I recently purchased.  I could either go with a 3500 lb capacity or a 4500 lb capacity lift.  I know the 4500 lb one would be more than OK, but also more $$.  Hurricane's web site lists a current SS 202 wet weight as 3416 Lbs.  I know wet weight is with all fluids, but is that with or without a motor?  How do they know what size motor an owner will outfit it with?  A Yam 150 weighs about 470 Lbs.  Anybody have the specs for the 2008 GS 202?


  • bshippjr
    bshippjr Member Posts: 116 ✭✭✭
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    From a 2005 Hurricane brochure the GS202 has a wet weight of 3,490.  There is also a footnote that defines wet weight as "The total boat weight, maximum hp engine weight, fuel weight, and battery weight."  Given that definition, that does not include lines, PFDs, tubes, equipment, etc.  Max hp is shown as 200.  Capacity is shown as 1,410 lbs.
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  • cjjjdeck
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    Hurricane's wet weight includes: fuel, batteries and engine

    Here's specs for your boat:
    Length – 20’1”
    Beam – 102”
    Max HP – 200
    Dry Weight – 2425
    Wet Weight – 3490
    Passengers – 10
    Total Capacity – 1755 lbs
    Draft – 13”
    Fuel Capacity – 52 gal

    Attached is a sheet that has information that would be used for trailer manufacturers for you boat, it should help in setting up your lift.
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  • gordonvp
    gordonvp Member Posts: 8
    Thanks.  That information is very helpful.
  • rubicon
    rubicon Member Posts: 3
    Hi. Does anyone have the information needed for trailer setup for a 2002 Fun Deck GS 201...wet weight and hull specifications sheet. Not sure if they would be the same as shown above which is for a similar model but different year. Thanks.