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Bow sun lounge / Filler cushions

LHMDerek Member Posts: 2
Hello, I'm new to the forum. I purchased my first boat last year. It's a used 2004 Hurricane SunDeck 237 O/B. It's in extremely good condition.

I'm interested in some accessories that were options for these boats and I'm having trouble tracking things down.

1. I'm looking for the bow filler cushions. I have been reading discussions on this forum since I got the boat last year. I have read all the existing discussions relating to this topic. I came across a discussion where someone said to contact Hurricane (who ultimately said to contact a dealer) to get these bow lounge cushions ordered. I had no such luck. I just got off the phone with my dealer....they claim that they got a response from Hurricane saying they won't make any parts for boats older than 2008. I was VERY surprised and disappointed to hear this since that is not very far back at all. Can anyone confirm if this is true? Or can anyone tell me how to get ahold of some of these sun lounge cushions for the bow of my 2004 SD237 O/B??

2. I want a full enclosure for the boat. I already have a full enclosure from the windshield back. I'm interested in a FULL enclosure that covers all the way to the bow. I've seen these camping enclosures before and I know they exist. I came across a picture in a Hurricane catalog from 2008 that I found online. I haven't had any luck finding one. Does anyone know if this is something I can buy for my boat, or am I stuck getting one custom made?

3. I am also interested in possibly changing the color of the upholstery on the boat. The current seats and vinyl aren't in bad condition at all, so I'd hate to have them reupholstered. Seems like a waste. I'd rather buy all new cushions in a new color and still have the originals as spares. Does anyone know where I can buy a new set of cushions all around for this boat? I've read discussions pertaining to this and know Veada can help with certain things. They could supply the vinyl if I was matching my existing colors exactly. They also sell the exact captains chair that comes on my boat. But I did not see any other cushions on their site that match the shape and sizes of the ones on my boat. Does anyone know where i could get replacement cushions?

Any help is greatly appreciated!

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  • LHMDerek
    LHMDerek Member Posts: 2
    Thank you, I appreciate the input! Looks like I'm going the custom route...

    I'll post a picture later this season once I complete my few little projects on the boat this year.

    Thanks again!