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Purpose of 'ACC' switches?

Drexx3 Member Posts: 29 ✭✭
i have a 2015 Hurricane Sundeck 2400 OB and have a few ACC switches that I'm not sure what they do. One is on the left side of the helm in the square switch panel. I figured it controlled the 12v lighter socket by the sink behind the captain's seat. But, that socket is energized based on the Master Power switch. I also have a lighter socket and ACC switch on a panel on the right side. The socket is also energized based on Master Power. The ACC switch has no effect. I decided to look behind that panel and noticed that the power feeds the socket first (darker blue connectors on back of round socket), then there is a set of wires going from the socket to the switch (light blue on socket to dark blue on switch). There is a blade on the back of the switch that is not used which happens to the the switched leg, confirmed with a voltmeter. It is next to the red wire on the back of the switch.

So it goes power-to-socket-to-switch. Shouldn't it go power-to-switch-to-socket? It would be simple to rewire except for an extra ground wire coming off the switch going behind the dash. I can still rewire it as I think the ground blades are pass-through at all times. Is it wired incorrectly or is the ACC switch for an accessory I don't have, but the switch is installed anyway at the factory? If so, is there any harm to retiring it? Can't think of any...
2015 Sundeck 2400 OB w/Yamaha F250


  • rdcastle
    rdcastle Member Posts: 100 ✭✭✭
    "ACC" = Accessory. These are "spare" switches to use for add-on equipment such as electronics or lights, etc. Most switch panels have certain feeds daisy chained together such as switch indicator lights and the ground bus. Just make sure if you retire a switch you reconnect the wires before and after the switch or some stuff "downstream" so to speak may cease functioning.
    Rob Castle
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