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Deckboat takes on water when it rains even though scuppers are clear.Where could it be coming in at?

Jackster Member Posts: 1
21' Deckboat bilge filing up during rains, don't know where it's getting in.


  • cjjjdeck
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    Even though the deck may drain directly into the body of water you're on , depending on the model and year boat you have, there are still a number of areas that drain into the hold for the bilge to pump out, like cup holders, the channel between the seat back and the seat bottom, Anchor locker, gap between the engine cover and the deck on an I/O model,  ski locker, under seat storage bins, etc.

    Make sure all the hoses going to the scuppers are securely attached to the scupper fitting and the deck drain fitting, by running some water through each location and making sure the same amount looks like it's coming out OK.  When I took delivery of my boat when it was new, the hose to the starboard rear scupper, on the deck side,  was disconnected and water from the deck was pouring into the hold.

    It's not uncommon for me to get some (not a ton) of water into the hold after a rain even with my mooring cover on.
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