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Is my boat too heavy for my trailer?

I have a 19' Hurricane sundeck sport SS188 OB, 2014. The dry weight according to the Hurricane website is 2600lbs. Wet is 3793lbs. My current trailer is a magic tilt 21'8". The GVWR is 2995lbs. The GAWR is 3520lbs. The tire limit is 2465lbs. I have had the boat and trailer since April 2014. I typically tow it 20 miles to the boat ramp. My tires are worn slick on the insides. After all of the problems I have had with my dealership, I am curious if the trailer can even hold the weight of the boat. I have looked at the GVWR and GAWR and am just confused at this point. Can someone please help me out??!!
-first time boat owner


  • tally_sundeck_2014
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    Oh, and I have a Yamaha 115hp outboard, weight is 401lbs, according to the website.
  • cjjjdeck
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    Judging from the specs you are stating you may be right.  I can't believe your tires are already worn out in just one year, wow!  I'll assume they were properly inflated.  Something definitely sounds wrong.  

    If you are leery of your dealer (it's frustrating to read that) you may want to contact Magic Tilt yourself and go over the specs.  Of course, after having said that, Magic Tilt doesn't list a phone number and only wants you to go through their dealers (that frustrates the crap out of me and makes ME leery about doing business with companies that do this.... hide behind their dealers to avoid simple questions... don't get me started tally!...only kidding, a pet peeve of mine).

    Magic Tilt does list their Regional Sales Reps e-mail address, it can't hurt to fire off an e-mail to one of them and ask the question, maybe they'll respond.  Here's the link:

    You may also try contacting another Hurricane dealer or Magic Tilt dealer and and discuss what they would recommend as a trailer for your boat.  Either way, you'l end up having to deal with the dealer you bought the boat from to settle the matter.

    Please keep us updated on this
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    I have 2013 ss188 on a magic tilt single axle.  I haul my boat long distances every year.  I drag it from Nashville to Destin/FW once a year and drive 1.5 hours back and forth to the lake about 12-15 times a year.  I have been reassured by several dealers my trailer is fine as long as I keep the barrings greased.  I however seem to have odd wear on my tiers.  I have carrier star tiers which look to not be the best looking tires.  It says max psi is 65, I put about 55psi in each but the tire does not sit flat on the road. The center of the tire is the only thing laying flat on the road.  I have dropped the PSI to 45 before and it does not flatten the tire on the road.  The odd thing is, even though each side of the tire does not sit flat on the road, both the inside and outside of both tires are far more worn than the inside which still look new after 2 years or trailering.  I bought a spare tire so i feel a little better but next year will probably buy some good quality tires.

    I however read where trailer tires you want to keep the tires max inflated as it has a tendency to keep the surface temperature of the tire cooler.  

    But as far as the trailer goes, if 3 different people tell me that the trailer is fine and safe even as far as I pull it, then I am going to try and sit easy with it

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    My 2014 SD187 (very similar boat and weight) sits on a single axle Ameratrail trailer that rides on 15" wheels and tires and was custom made for the boat.  I agree with ensuring your trailer tires are always inflated to the max PSI. My experience with other boats I've owned has been that if they're underinflated, trailer (ST) tires will wear very uneven even if they "look" properly inflated.  I don't have access to my trailer right now, but I'm pretty sure the axle is a 3500 lb axle.