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Port Stern Storage Box Drainage on 2006 Sun Deck 195

I recently bought a used 2006 Sun Deck 195.  This is my first boat to own so I am  going through a learning cover trying to figure everything out.  With all the rain in Houston over the last few weeks needless to say any box or storage location on the boat without drainage is holding water.  I found the port stern storage box which is designed to hold the table, cooler, and fishing seat full of water.  I shop vaced it dry, but  didn't see a plugged drain hole.  It looks like there is a recessed area in the back of the box with channels leading to it which could or should have been a drain, but there is no hole.  I tried to get my hand under this area from the battery access area, but there wasn't much clearance to feel anything.  Is there supposed to be  a drain hole in this box?  Can I drill a hole in the recessed area for a drain though it would be a challenge to reach this spot?  What is under this box?  Any help would be greatly appreciated!  Thanks for any and all help.  Looking forward to hitting the water real soon.

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  • cjjjdeck
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    My port stern storage box also had no drainage to the bilge.  Water was getting in by a drain hole located where the port seat and rear seat met (on the curved section), and it dumped right in to the compartment rather than the hold.  Normally I wouldn't get water in from there because the mooring cover would shield that section of the boat, but after the season was over and I pulled items out from the storage area, the back area had water lying in there.  My dealer drilled two drainage holes into the rear most vertical panel (not the floor of the compartment) where the bottom meets it.  The boat has a natural slope towards the rear so water would more easily drain out that way while stationary or underway. 
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  • tdramponi
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    Sounds like our storage boxes are the same.  I can see where the hole is supposed to be.  Any risk drilling the drain hole out?  Any recommendations? Biggest challenge may be to reach the drain hole location.
  • tdramponi
    tdramponi Member Posts: 3
    After looking at it, I was going to drill it out and and as soon as I put the drill to it, the drill went right through it.  The hole was just packed solid with debris.  The box drains well now.