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No power to any of my switches

hi, we just bought a 2012 226 Fundeck. After taking it out twice, all of the switches stopped working. We thought it was the batteries and had them replaced (they were really bad after having them tested).  With three new batteries hooked up, the switches still won't work. The boat starts and runs, we just can't use any of the other things; horn, radio, gps, lights, etc.  we just had an electrician come and look.  Current runs from the batteries, through the relay box, but stops at the orange connector under the helm.  Do we have to just replace the connector or will it require something more major? What could cause this?


  • rdcastle
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    Check the inline fuse on the main power circuit to the switch panel. Its usually a 10ga wire with either an in-line fuse holder or a re-settable breaker very close to the battery (+) post. You may also have a breaker up by the panel labeled "Power" or "Main". If problem not on the "hot" side, then check the ground connection for the same area. Hope that helps.
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  • jbkenn331
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    Mine is a 2014 SS 188ob. Had a great season in 2014 and was great in 2015; then I noticed the display on my depth gauge went blank.  Stereo, lights, bilge all stopped working.  Engine (2014 e-Tec  150 hp) continues to run well, but why would all switches stop working, including the master? 

    It's amazing the number of entries on this site where owners are reporting electrical problems despite Hurricane's claims of corrosion-resistant connectors.  Does anyone from Hurricane or Nautic Global ever weigh in on these problems?  The volume of problems does not speak well of their quality control. 

  • Ploening
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    What was the solution or problem as I have the same issue?
  • educise
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    I have a similar issue with my Fundeck 226 2014 deckboat. Suddenly, all gauges are not working except for speed. No fuel, battery, rpm, hour meter, etc. They are dark. There is power to the nav lights and accessory, and to the stereo. No dashboard gauges work except for speedometer. Advice is appreciated.  We pushed the buttons on the fuse panel below it but nothing happened. Mechanic checked battery and they are ok. Boat runs but we have no idea of what is going on since gauges are dark.  Sounds like a common issue.
  • cjjjdeck
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    There are a couple of areas that has components that could give this condition.  Inside the helm station and inside the hull is a constant, very humid environment in all weather conditions and can easily have an effect on electrical components and connections.  

    There are relays behind you dash panel that could be faulty and in need of replacement.  But the first place I would check is back by the batteries.  There are a number of red wires that come off of the positive battery terminal.  A number of them (if not all), have either an in-line fuse or in-line circuit breaker attached, usually 5" to 8" away from the terminal.  Often these are the culprits of what you describe.  You may need to replace the fuse or circuit breaker, or replace the holders themselves if they have corroded.

    I will send you a wiring diagram for your boat, look for a Personal Message, just click on the envelope icon in the upper right of the screen.
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  • bwallace
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    Any chance you might have a wiring diagram for a 2002 Hurricane 198 Fundeck? I'm doing a refurbish on it. I've got all the gauges working and the 130hp Honda runs great. I don't have power to interior lights, docking lights, fish finder, horn, etc.
  • bama1474
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    I’ve got a 2016 188SS and the last time I took it out non of the electronics would come on at all to start but I did notice the courtesy lights came on and went back off twice as did the radio.   Motor starts and runs fine; I’ve charged both batteries and cleaned the ground wires on the battery terminals as well as checked all of the fuses, however I can’t really tell if the buss maxi-fuse 32v is good or not.  Any ideas?
  • Broken13ear
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    I recently purchased a SD187 and we are having the same problem. everything worked the first go round, but the radio kept cutting in and out. now, nothing. I see this is a pretty old post, but has anyone found the answer?
  • vburkett64
    vburkett64 Member Posts: 5
    Same problem on 2014 211. After much aggravation and googling, this is what we found. Pulled the cover in the center console (toilet). Checked factory connection for top/bottom connection. Note corrosion. Some past owner had this problem, but instead of finding and fixing the problem, they disconnected the relays and straight wired the control panel. I am lucky that I did not have a fire. But, this was the problem. We repaired all wiring and added the two relays back under the console. 
  • delboat2017
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    I have a different problem but still electrical. 2017 CC19.  I’ve disconnected and reconnected the 2 batteries several times.  Just recently started the Yamaha 115 with the battery selector switch in the OFF position by mistake.  And it started!  Then with ignition ON and Master Toggle ON I rotated the battery selector to all 4 positions.  The gauges on the panel for fuel and volts all remained energized.  

    I thought that only the Bilge pump remained energized with the battery Selector OFF.  Why is everything energized in all positions?

    Does anyone have a wiring diagram for the batteries?  Just want to check if I reconnected them correctly.  I did take pictures years ago with the original routing but finding them is an issue.