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Battery Size and Type

I have a SunDeck 2400 w/ 350 Mag in it. It has the dual battery set-up in it. The only thing I have added is a Rockford Fosgate four channel 400w amp pushing sound to 6 Rockford Fosgate speakes. 
It currently has 2 continental batteries (unknown size). 
I've called two Hurricane dealers and got missed answers. One dealer told me I didn't need marine batteries. Another dealer really wouldn't give me an answer. Wanted me to bring it in to them.

Thanks guys..


  • cliftoncross
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    Mixed answers.. grr.. Smartphones, what would do without them.
  • cjjjdeck
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    I'll share my battery strategy/philosophy.  

    When it comes to batteries, unless there is a budget constraint, I always went with the biggest size that fits in the battery tray (currently size 31 max's out on mine) and I always use deep cycle (especially if you have a trolling motor) or deep cycle/starting verses just "starting" batteries because they have thicker plates and should hold up better than standard automotive batteries. Since usually the first battery comes with the boat (and not that I would want to think this is even remotely happening) some Dealers might give you the minimum size battery to get the job done.  I always preferred the most capacity I could get so my chances of getting stuck on the water were lessened.
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  • cliftoncross
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    I finally did some checking... it has Continental 24-1000 batteries. There is plenty of room in the battery tray for 27M batteries, but I think since I've got to change 1 of them anyway, I'm going to go ahead and drop two 31M batteries in there. Figure after the advice/common sense post from cjjjdeck, go ahead, spend the money and be safe rather than sorry later!!

    Thanks for your help!!