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battery vs alternator

I have a 2001 Hurricane Fundeck with Mercury motor. We had to put a new battery in this last weekend. After changing It the prop wouldn't lower or raise. Once playing with the wires it worked. NOW during a day on the lake it won't start on first or second try and warning buzzer is going off. If it was a car I would think alternator, but new to boating ownership so not sure. Any suggestions?? Thanks in advance!


  • Suzook
    Suzook Member Posts: 42
    Well generally speaking you need some sort of base line to start from.  So, grab a digital multi-meter and start troubleshooting voltage at the battery, depending on the batt type say 12.6-12.8 VDC for lead acid would be charged.  If not you need to get it fully charged and at this time it wouldn't be a bad idea to take it to the local auto parts store to have it tested.  With that you can start doing some troubleshooting.  If you're able to start the motor, is the tach registering/does it follow throttle inputs it would be safe (not a given) to say the alternator/stator is working.  Now put the multi-meter on the batts and check for charging and check the batts again for say 13.3-14.3 VDC alternating indicating the rectifier/regulator is working.  Again this is just generally speaking to get you going in fault isolation troubleshooting, your motors configuration and other factors (proper grounds ect.) may dictate other courses of action.  Hope this helps, good luck!

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