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2000 FD226 Deck Drainage and Center Cockpit Hatch

OV59 Member Posts: 14

Hi there.  We just acquired ta 2000 Fun Deck 226 OB.  The boat is kept in the water so I am trying get control of water in the bilge.  My questions concern cockpit drainage, specifically:

1. The hatch covering the large storage compartment in the center of the deck is framed with aluminum and has no positive seal.  It appears that during heavy rain a fair amount of water gets around the hatch and flows to the back of the compartment where it drains to the bilge.  Can you (anyone) suggest an effective seal method or product? Or is this a hatch replacement job?

2.  How may the deck drain fittings and overboard drain fittings best be accessed for examination, service, or replacement?  Particularly the forward drains.

Thank you.

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