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Master switch works, but no other switches do

I have a 2007 sundeck 2400.  Recently most of my power has gone out.  The master switch seems to work fine, but none of the other switches come on (stereo, bilge, lights, etc.)  Am I correct to assume that since the master turns on it must be getting power from the batteries meaning that the circuits/fuses close to the battery must be okay.  I have seen others on the forum with similar complaints but never saw an actual fix.  Any help would be great. I have folks coming into town and really need to at least get the radio working.  Thanks


  • docbyoung
    docbyoung Member Posts: 3
    Just thought I would leave feedback in case it helps someone else out.  After a few hours I finally found the issue.  It was a bad relay which is a 1in box behind the circuits.  Take this panel off and there should be 2 of them.  Check with a Voltmeter to make sure you are getting 12V to all the leads.  If not, thats likely your problem.
  • magnum900
    magnum900 Member Posts: 2
    Hello I am having the same problem . I have a 2014 fun deck 150 hq eniverude . Engine works but no power to the center console ?? Please help I just need so direction on how to fix .