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2006 GS 194, much like current SunDeck.  Boat has the snaps for the cover, but I have never had the snap on type cover.  I have been using a traditional type cover, but considering changing due to frustration with supports and water pooling on the cover. 
Does a snap on cover keep the rain out?  Completely dry?  Does it require a support system?  Link to where one can be purchased or are they all custom made?   Estimated cost? 


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    It's been my experience that after all is said and done, it's hard to beat the fit, finish, quality and longevity of a custom made cover by a qualified marine upholsterer.  Often the price is not much higher than the best generic covers.  They also will be able to take advantage of the existing snap locations.  My mooring cover (the one that came with my boat from the factory), keeps the insides of the boat pretty dry.  When the time comes to replace it, I may have my marine upholster modify how the playpen cover meets the rear cover at the windshield to better seal against the elements, but I'm pretty satisfied with the original cover.
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    My Sundeck 195, which has a full windshield,  has the 2 piece factory cover.  I think it was around $600.  The playpen cover snaps all around, then under the windshield.  The cockpit cover snaps over the windshield and covers the rest of the boat.  Each section is held up with an aluminum pole that snaps into the cover, which keeps water from pooling.   Where they meet at the windshield will leak in heavy rain.   Also the snaps are up high so it doesn't cover the sides of the boat.  It does a fair job in keeping the interior dry but a one piece cover that fits down the sides would do a much better job.  I've been looking for one that's ready made but no one seems to sell one that's an exact fit for my boat.  I'll need to find a canvas shop and have it custom made.  
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    My boat stays on a lift in a covered slip at a marina.   The snap on two piece cover does not cover the bow platform of the boat, nor the rear boarding platform and battery access so these areas get dirty over the summer.  For the winter, I have a full cover I ordered on ebay a few years ago that I keep on the boat to protect the entire boat, generally to below the rub rail.

    As for poles, I have plastic sectional poles with a rounded top piece that cost $10-$15 that work just fine.  When we were tubing more, I would leave our inflated tube on its side in the rear to support the cover.

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