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I would like to install headlights on the boat. Appreciate any advice and recommendations for a manufacturer of the lights.  Thank you   


  • cjjjdeck
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    The lights you are talking about are called dock lights and are used only when you are approaching your slip or trailer at night.  On the lake I frequent, I see people cruising around at night with them on like "headlights" on a car.  They are useless for this purpose on the water and all they do is reduce your night vision. 

    I'm not sure what dock light Hurricane uses for your model and I can't find a picture of the boat with them on it.  I'll keep trying to find out and update you if I get anything.

    The lights on my boat are manufactured by ITC Marine.  They have worked pretty well and I've had no issue with them other than they are halogen bulbs and the housings can get hot.  ITC also makes a an LED model that my dealer says is brighter than the halogen model.  If I ever felt I wanted to replace my lights, I might conder changing over to the LED model.

    You can find dock lights at pretty much all the marine supply stores, like Overton's, iBoats, West Marine, Defender etc.

    There was a recent discussion on a member replacing one of his dock lights.  Here's a link to that post and thread that you might find helpful:
    2012 SD237 I/O Mercruiser 5.0L MPI ECT/ Bravo 3
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  • harig8
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    We have so many crabpots on the river I frequent and I need to light up the pot directly in front of the boat about 20 yards out to avoid them.  With no Moon light it is nearly impossible to see them and they can tear up my prop.  
  • martymill55
    martymill55 Member Posts: 3
    walmart has them

  • mooneydriver
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    If you replace or add them, I really encourage you to go with LED lights. They will outlast the boat and draw much less current, which only helps with their arcane wiring.
  • cjjjdeck
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    +1 on LED lights

    Just got an update.  Looks like Hurricane is using a surface side mount LED dock lights on the SS201.

    To me they look similar to the one's that ITC Marine offers:

    Here's a link to the ITC product if you're interested:
    2012 SD237 I/O Mercruiser 5.0L MPI ECT/ Bravo 3
    2012 Load Rite Elite Tandem axle trailer