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Bad gas?

I drained the plastic gas tank of an old boat that had lots of water in it. I added fresh high grade gas to the empty tank and added some STP gas treatment. The next day the gas in the tank is a dark orange color, the old gas that was pumped out looked clear I'm wondering if the fuel treatment absorbed contaminants from the tank. Also wondering what to do next do I drain the tank again and refill with fresh fuel or just top off existing discolored fuel ? Thanks in advance. 


  • Robert Castle
    Robert Castle Member Posts: 100 ✭✭✭
    More than likely the new gas "cut" the sludge/varnish from inside the tank and it blended with the fuel you put in. That was a common problem that occurred when Ethanol fuel hit the market. The ethanol dissolved the tank contaminants and put them into the fuel supply stream.
    Rob Castle
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