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Just spent a week camping and boat was on anchor during the night.  Only 20-30 yds off shore in a lake.  Rocky shores and deep water.  Storms DO appear from no where (only once during the week). 
Have slept ALL over the world in some less than hospitable locations, so was surprised at the lack of sleep/concern I had for my boat on anchor.  Is it due to the $$$ or just a normal feeling for a rookie? 
Anything to assist other than experience?   Lessons learned?  Suggestions?   


  • cjjjdeck
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    It is nothing short of amazing sometimes the bond a man has with his boat!

    Haven't done the camping thing with the boat yet (just the rented cabin with the boat tied up to a nice dock), I'm kinda jealous!
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  • mijade
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    I have not camped on the boat, but if I did I believe I would set a second anchor for protection and piece of mind. Especially near rocks etc. there are some web sites on how to set 2 anchors that will explain the reasoning for positions. With that being said sounds like it could be fun. Enjoy! 

  • BWH
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    I will have to do some more research...  I eventually used 2 anchors; both off of front at approximately 2 and 10 from front; shooting from the hip.  As expected, boat spun in wind overnight and twisted anchor lines.  2 anchors seems like a good plan, but I need to research proper placement.