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Kill Switch

New boat owner here. Just got a 2002 GS 201. Dealer took me out in it but ivr since realized there was no discussion of a kill switch, lanyard etc. where is it? There is an on/off switch on throttle lever base. Is that it? It's a toggle though. Is that what a kill switch looks like? 


  • mcan3
    mcan3 Member Posts: 9
    Yep. That's it. I guess I just expected a more foolproof switch than one that specifically  has to be pulled downward. What if I get pulled directly upward as in an alien abduction situation? Unlikely I guess. 

  • cjjjdeck
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    What engine/drive do you have with your boat?  Some units can have the lanyard clip fit in either direction or any direction.  Maybe post a pic of it?
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  • mcan3
    mcan3 Member Posts: 9
    Hi. Thanks!
    It's a Mercruiser 5.0L. The boat is still at the dealer but I did happen to take a picture of the throttle lever. I've ordered what I think is the appropriate lanyard. Basically looks like a loop, not the clip style. Took a pic of the throttle lever cuz it's one of the things I want to modernize. Will also replace the clouded Faria gauges including a GPS type speedometer. Was also going to get a new switch panel made but too expensive. For now will figure out something with carbon fiber vinyl and new labels for that. Now I'll just have to wait to see what mechanical problems suddenly appear the minute I drive it off the lot ;)

    Another random question: any clue how I figure out what the HP rating is for my engine. Is there a site I can just type in the serial number?  Like I mentioned, it's a 5.0L, and boat  is a 2002. 

    One more  question: the out drive has various places where paint is worn away. This doesn't necessarily reflect abuse does it? Just normal wear and tear? The engine itself tested well with all cylinders 150-155 during compression test. I'm told the numbers and consistency is a good result. The hull and interior suggest it was well taken care of. (I actually turned down a very similar boat with low hours because there were just too many clues of carelessness: ripped Bimini, gouges in the hull, front bumper sheared off its screws. All fixable but just gave me a bad impression. )
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    I believe the 2002 5.0L produces 220HP if its carb'd and should produce 260HP if it is MPI (injected)

    paint being worn away shouldn't be of concern.  Look for cracks, pitting, etc.  If you're getting a compression test of 150-155 on all cylinders (no more than 10% variance, you're good on compression)

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    Thanks Nquirk!