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2004 Fundeck 226FF

Hello All. Im new here so please bare with me. I need help with my trolling motor wiring. I need to replace my trolling motor plug and boat receptacle. Herein lies the problem. The way my boat is currently wired does not match any diagrams I can find. I have 4 wires from the back of my boat to the front trolling motor receptacle. All four wires are connected to separate post on 2 trolling motor batteries. One from each positive and one from each negative. No cross connections. My trolling motor has 2 wires. The wires from the batteries to the front are as follows: 1 orange, 1 red, 1 black and 1 black with a small blue stripe. At the receptacle in the front all the wire colors are the same with exception to the black / blue stripe. When the wires gets to the front it is black with a small red stripe. My trolling motor has 2 wires that are connected to the old plug. 1 red and 1 black. The plug has a red wire that has been cut short and not in use. My trolling motor is a Motor Guide 24 volt. Can someone adise me on how to sort this out and what kind of plug and receptacle I need to replace it with. Thanks in advance!


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    I have never understood 4 wire trolling motor plugs when the motor only requires two wires, positive and negative.  But mine has one installed on it as well.  I would love to see a diagram that shows how and why the other terminals on the plug/socket are used.

    This is the recommended wiring diagram from Motorguide for a 24 volt system:

    You'll probably have to trace back the wires from the socket and determine which two are the one's you need to power the motor.  I can't imagine what the other two are for (I really would like to know and be better educated on this).  Double check how the plug on the trolling motor is wired as well, I would assume there are only two wires connecting there as well.  Then match up the socket wiring to the plug wiring.
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