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After spending day on water, pulled off of ramp.  Turned master power off and both batterys off.  Heard bilge pump running, but no water coming out.  Was thinking I had a clogged line.  Took flashlight out and looked into bilge where pump is.  NO water, but pump still going.  Bilge pump light on dash was on eventhough all power was off.  Cycled master power switch, bilge switch and battery switch a couple of times and eventually it turned off.  I know bilge is wired to battery to operate independent of any switches, but have no idea why the pump would run in this manner.  I am below the novice level in regards to electrical issues.   Causes?  Suggestions?    


  • Robert Castle
    Robert Castle Member Posts: 100 ✭✭✭
    Is there a float switch in the circuit? If so you may want to start looking there to see if it is hung up or perhaps intermittently working. The float switch is what activates the pump when in "auto" mode.
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  • BWH
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    Castle, no idea about a float switch. In driveway last night, with master power and battery off, ran some water into bilge.  Pump came on, pumped water out and then turned off as one would expect a properly working system to do.    
  • cjjjdeck
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    I agree with rdcastle.  It sounds like the float switch that you have located in the bilge area, usually near or next to the bilge pump, positioned itself to turn your bilge pump on, but might have gotten hung up in the on position.

    It sounds like it's back to operating normally.

    Here's the bilge pump circuit rdcastle was describing:

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  • BWH
    BWH Member Posts: 113 ✭✭✭
    Thanks for the info.  I will continue to test and monitor it. 
  • brucemasters
    brucemasters USAMember Posts: 1
    Cjjjdeck,  was so happy to see your post. I think my 2020 SD 191 is wired differently. After owning the boat for a few months I noticed that when I manually turned on the bilge pump at the helm that it worked properly. I was not sure about the automatic function. I just found that the power lead going to the fuse by the batteries has been disconnected. The fuse is also blown. The manual switch still works. The switch seems to have another power feed and fuse (circuit breaker) at the helm. My original question was going to be where does the feed to the fuse by the battery get connected?