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wjh42 Member Posts: 2
i have a 188 fun deck with 150 hp Yamaha motor, this boat will porpoise on a ripple. Just purchased the boat a  couple of months ago and asked the dealer about using trim tabs no response. It makes no difference how you trim the motor. I like to figh the St. John's river ( Florida) which can become rough and the 188 will beat you to death. Any advice would be helpful.


  • cjjjdeck
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    There are a good many members that have installed trim tabs and most have been very happy with the results.  I'm sure some members will respond, but there are a good number of posts and threads on the subject on the forum.  Just type "trim tabs" in the search box above and you'll see a list.
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    A good option is a set of TH marine negative trim transom wedges, I've installed them on many boats with great success, they are pretty cheap, around $45 and work great, I prefer them over trim tabs, they add 5 degrees of negative tuck to your engine, install is easy, just remove engine mounting bolts and slide them Between the engine and transom and re-install bolts.
  • miknif
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    I don't know or want to assume your skill level, but I had the same challenge with my 2007 Fundeck.  I'm on a lake in Missouri that has some rough waters in certain areas and I hired a local captain to take me out for some hints.  I learned that with control of speed and often lower trim than I would expect the porpoising has all but gone away.  I read the trim tab threads in the past for this and was getting ready to buy them until I get some additional experience and can control it better.  Good luck and if you find the trim tabs work it would be great to hear your feedback.
  • wjh42
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    I have messing with boats all my life ( old fart) off shore fishing, river etc. I have trimmed my engine in ever possible position and she still porpoises. Talked with the dealer, he recommended a set of trim tabs. Lot of weight in the back of the boat, motor,fuel.water, people. Thanks folks 
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    I installed a ventilation plate that is in the shape of a dolphin tail and then I trim up or down or increase or decrease my speed until we are smooth seems to correct this problem quickly.......hope this helps!