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2007 217 sundeck rear boardind ladder change out

jminter Member Posts: 3

I have 2007 217 Sundeck with a three step telescoping ladder that I am attemping to change out to a four step ladder but having difficulty removing screws as they seem stripped and the old ladder seems to be achored down with some kind of adhecive. Any suggestions out there on releaseing the bond without breaking the gelcoat.



  • FD170
    FD170 Member Posts: 2
    Just went through a major ordeal yesterday doing the same thing, but going from a 2 to a 3 step ladder in my case.  If it is constructed like mine it is bolts with nuts and washers.  So they are not stripped they are just spinning.  Initially I cut the bolts off the original ladder with an angle grinder, and tried to use the same mounting holes with some Mollie anclors but they couldn't hold up to the pressure and broke.  I had to cut a new access hole behind the rear seat to reach up and thread new nuts onto new bolts it was the only way to do it.  It was at the extreme edge of my reach and I barely got it done.  I had to relocate the holes as well because the new bracket needed to be a little forward so I ended up making a plate out of diamond plate to cover uo the old mounting holes.  I moved the new ones away from the old as far as i could for strengeh.  It all turned out well but I wish I had just left the 2 step ladder. 
  • asturbama
    asturbama Member Posts: 11
    I replaced the read ladder on mine for a 4 step one. But when I went to try to reach the nuts on the brackets bolts I couldn't.  So what I did open wide the original brackets to the old ladder and drill bigger holes for the for the hinge bolts 5/16. And the 4 step ladder fit perfect and the door closed  snug. Now when I went to do the front the problem is the front ladder has a slide to move it forward and makes the ladder higher, so the 4 step won't let the door close and I leave the 3 step in the front