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My 2008 Hurricane 260 is missing a baitwell drain tube or screen. Which one is it?

our260 Member Posts: 3
How does water drain out of a 2008 Hurricane 260 baitwell under the stern cushion?  I'm missing either a drain tube or a drain screen that fits in the 3/4" or 7/8" hole in the bottom of the baitwell.  How do I order one?  It appears it has a black drain on the back wall of the baitwell about 8" up.  Where does the water discharge out of the boat?  Thanks for your help. 

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  • cjjjdeck
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    Most livewell setups I've seen on Hurricanes has a plug that screws into the drain hole at the bottom of the tank.  That plug has a length of plastic or PVC tube attached to it with a cap that is screened for the water to flow out.  This controls the depth of the water in the tank.
    That tube is shown lying in the bottom of the tank on this picture, maybe your setup is similar:

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  • our260
    our260 Member Posts: 3
    I have a 2" dia. black plastic screen about 8" up the back wall that lets water out.  I found a broken screen with a rubber nipple that fits directly to the drain hole in the bottom of the baitwell so it appears that water drains out this as well as the screen in the back of the baitwell.  Your setup is what I expected.  The drain hole is only 3/4" dia so most drain pipes don't fit it.  Thanks for responding so quickly.
  • our260
    our260 Member Posts: 3
    I do have that switch and wondered what it did.  Thanks so much for the Flowrite sheet.  I didn't get any docs with the boat when I bought it used.  I will post a couple of photos of the boat.  It was just detailed and it looks like new.  Just love this boat.