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prop selection

i have a fd 228 with a merc 200 optimax xs outboard. looking for suggestions regarding what prop would work the best. 3 blade, 4 blade? currently running a 3 blade but feel i should be getting more performance with this motor...any suggestions?


  • nquirk
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    Hard to assist as you didn't provide specifications on your current prop or your top speed at Wide Open Throttle (WOT).  Also, at WOT what is your RPMs.  (You'll need to know the max RPMs for your engine for prop selection so you don't over-rev your engine)

    Also the 3 vs 4 blade discussion in 'performance' should relate to what you're using the boat for.  If it fishing/cruising a standard 3 blade is fine.  However, if you're looking to a lot of watersports and want to get on plane quicker, a 4 blade will provide quicker on plane performance and less 'slippage' when powering through corners/turns.

    Here is a great site to get some ideas of prop selection.


    Hope this helps.  

    BTW, my guess is that boat with a standard 3 blade prop should top out in the 48 MPH range..... and is probably as much to be expected.

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    thanks for our reply. the max rpm on this motor is 5000rpm. I'm happy with 50mph max speed. I was on the website you suggested as well.

    Thanks Again