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GS 170 electrical - no power at fuse panel

Hey Guys,

my in-laws GS 170 is having some electrical issues.  The fuse panel that controls the horn, bilge, radio, courtesy lights, nav lights does not have power.  It appears to be on the backside of the ignition, meaning that the panel only receives power when the key is 'on'.  I disconnected the power wire and jumped the panel directly to the battery - everything works.  But of course i want to keep it controlled by the key switch so no one accidentally leaves the radio or lights on and kills the battery.  Other things to note - the fuel level sensor works when the key is 'on'.  This is not connected to the fuse panel.  Boat starts and runs fine - all gauges work fine.

Does any one have a wiring diagram for this model?  i am guessing at the year - around 2005. Or is there another fuse, or breaker somewhere in line?  I can trace the power feed from the fuse panel back and it looks like it goes into a white plastic plug with about 7 other wires.  I lose it from there.

Thanks in advance for any help. - Greg