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2015 Sundeck 188 Fuel Gauge Not working

chrbre Member Posts: 3
I purchased a 2015 Sundeck 188 OB and the fuel gage has never worked correctly.  When tank is full, gage reads 3/4.  As fuel is used it will eventually start moving down.  Dealer is blaming fuel tank design.  The sending unit was replaced and that did not fix it.  Any ideas??????


  • 89checkmate
    89checkmate Member Posts: 148 ✭✭✭
    My 2015 203 is the same, when the front of the boat is raised up to get on plane it will read full but sitting in the water it reads 3/4.
  • HHP123
    HHP123 Member Posts: 13
    Your dealer may very well be correct.  Is the tank poly, (plastic)?  If so see if the top has some sag to it and if it does the float may be hitting the top.  Should that be the case you can then bend the float arm down slightly till it clears the top of the tank and reaches it full travel to the upward position.

    You need to watch that it will still be near the bottom when empty as the arm swings through its range of travel.  I had to this with a replacement sending unit on my boat and it was a real PITA.  It involved trial and error install and removal of the unit.  I used snap ties to hold the float at its bottom position to be sure it went to the end of its travel without touching the bottom.  It should have about an inch of clearance.

    There are likely better and easier solutions, but that is what I did.