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2013 Fundeck 226 No power past the master switch

I believe I have a bad relay(s).  Today I turned on the stereo and then I turned on my switch for my depth finder after that I heard a buzz / clicking nose and nothing would come on, no power to any of the toggle switches except for the master power.  When I looked underneath the steering column compartment I found 2 relays underneath the radio and that where the clicking / buzzing noise was coming from.  So do you think but relays went bad at the same time and what would cause that?  Is there a fuse or relay before getting to those 2 relays that could have gone bad?  If so, where might I find it?  Can someone send me a wiring diagram for the relays and where can I buy the relays from?



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    Often a buzzing relay indicates it is not getting full voltage, just enough to make it buzz.  You may have a poor connection (often a bad ground).

    I should be able to get you the wiring diagrams for your boat.  I am sending you a Personal Message regarding it.  Look for a red number "1" next to the globe and envelope icons next to your Avatar in the upper left corner of the screen.  Click on the envelope, then click on my message to read it.
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    jpilgreen, those relays feed power to everything but the engine. They are standard automotive relays, available at most auto supply stores. If you find them corroded inside from moisture (the most common reason for failure) be sure to mount the replacements with the terminals pointing downward so they will drain.
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    Same sort of problem for me. I can turn on my Master Power, Depth Finder, And Radio with no problem. If I also turn on the navigation lights and the flood lights, one of the relays starts a very rapid clicking some and everything goes off. I opened the console door and found the relay that was clicking. I could also feel it clicking when I touched it. It was a little warm but not overly hot. It is P/N 2622 with 1642 USA under the part number and 12 Volt under that. Should I change the relay?

    P/N 2622
    1642 USA
    12 VOLT

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    And I forgot to mention that one of the red wires was loose so I crimped a new connector on it and plugged it back in. It was still doing the same thing so I'm wondering if the loose wire might have caused the relay to go bad.