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Said goodbye to my 201 and hello to my 211

omar174 Member Posts: 167 ✭✭✭
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I had been thinking about replacing my 201 for a little while. Don't get me wrong, it is a great boat and I liked it a lot but it wasn't my first choice. I always wanted a 217 or a 211. 

The 201 sold really quickly, got lots of calls about it and actually had backup buyers. If you keep your Hurricane well maintained and clean and price it fairly, it will sell fast!

I found 2 boats on boat trader, a 2001 217 with a 200 HP ox66 Yamaha, and a 2004 211 with a 150 HP ox66 Yamaha. I believe the 211 and 217 share the same hull, with a different layout so the handling and ride should be identical. In the end I chose the 211. The layout isn’t as open as the 217 but it is still a great boat to sit around in and with the built in rod holders and center console design, it’s obviously much better for fishing which was the clincher.  Not to mention in my case the 211 was 3 years newer and $2k cheaper :)

So last Thursday I drove from MD to NC and bought it. The trailer towed nicely, no wobbles or any funny business. I put the boat in the water as soon as I got home and parked it in my slip.  So far so good. The ride on the 211 is nice enough, though it isn’t as much of an improvement as I had hoped versus the 201. The Yamaha 150 is strong. It pushed the boat to 39 mph with just me on it and 35 mph with 4 adults and 2 kids.

So here I am with my fourth boat in 5 years (third Hurricane). Hopefully this one will keep my happy for a couple of years.

2003 GS211 Yamaha 150 HP OX66


  • wdallen49
    wdallen49 Member Posts: 3
    I'm likely buying a 2000 201SD today and looking forward to it.  It's got a 150 ox66 also and I'm curious about your thoughts on this engine and how it matches up with the 201SD.
  • omar174
    omar174 Member Posts: 167 ✭✭✭
    Some would say the ox66 Yamahas are the most reliable outboard motors ever made. So far, I would not disagree. 

    I had a 130 Honda on my 201, and that was a nice match. Topped out at 34 with a few adults on board. Cruised nicely at 25. I imagine a 150 ox66 would easily hit low 40s.
    2003 GS211 Yamaha 150 HP OX66