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2006 Hurricane 218R Fun Deck No Power

Hi All! Thanks in advance for your help.

We have a 2006 218 R Fun Deck with an IO.  We aren't getting any power but the batteries are fully charged.  Nothing on the dash (including the main power button) works and it doesn't turn over.  The only thing that is working is the Trim, which works from both the switch on the throttle and the switch on the back by the prop.  

Any help is super appreciated! We're looking forward to getting on the water this weekend. 

Thank you!


  • cjjjdeck
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    Welcome to the Owners Forum!

    With the conditions you describe (no helm power, no turn over), I would start at the battery connections making sure they are corrosion free.  There are main in-line fuses or relays on the main cabling systems as well (like going to the helm).  Check them as well.

    And for the no turn over situation, just double check that the throttle in "clicked" in to the neutral position.  I embarrassed myself with my dealer with a false alarm service call on a no turn over condition once (and only once :* )! 
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