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1998 Fundeck 226R - Electrical Schematic

Does anyone know if there is an electrical schematic available for my 1998 Fundeck 226R? I contacted Hurricane customer support - great people - but simply have no resources to help in any way. I'm able to trace my potential problems on my own if I just had a wire layout with a color code chart for this boat. It would take an enormous amount of guesswork out of troubleshooting. I spent the day trying to make sense of what appears to be someone's attempt at some  "modifications" - evident with cheap non waterproof connectors miscrimped and new runs of wire with a variety of snipped wires.
My two biggest mysteries:
1 - The reasoning behind why the bilge pump is wired into my baitwell pump?
2 - The origin of a #10 Black wire with a blue stripe, and a #10 Red wire with a blue stripe running from driver's side hull hugging the wall ending up in the battery compartment - not found anywhere under the console within the cluster of wires feeding gauges and switches.
I realize it's a seventeen year old boat - but my understanding is that generally, the "Fundeck" design has remained the same since 1973 - it's evident when comparing to the latest 2015 models. It's hard to believe that absolutely no reference or archive exists whatsoever.
Thank goodness for this forum ......... there's some pretty sharp people here that have come up with solutions for others and myself, that no one else has been able to solve - I'm hoping this problem is one with a remedy!


  • cjjjdeck
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    Welcome to the Owners Forum!

    I have clear drawings of the helm switch and instrument panel areas. Unfortunately, the hull wiring diagrams are unreadable.  I am sending you a Personal Message regarding it.  Look for a red number "1" next to the globe and envelope icons next to your Avatar in the upper left corner of the screen.  Click on the envelope, then click on my message to read it.

    I'm also attaching a Marine Wire Color Code chart that you may also find useful.

    To answer question #1; as far as I know, the bilge pump should be powered directly from the battery, separate from the baitwell pump.

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  • tuckerb
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    hello...I am new to forum and have a 226r fundeck as well.  I also need any electrical schematics you have please...thank you
  • johhnyx
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    Hello, I am also a new owner of a 1996 226 Fundeck as well and would like to get the diagrams.  I have a short somewhere in the deck lights; the breaker pops whenever they are turned on.  I also have a broken wire to the rear Nav light.  It comes up from through the railing on the port side, but there is no power to the wires when turned on, yet the front lights work.  It looks like most of the rear wiring comes through a tube that I can see through the battery access.  Also the front floodlights don't work either.  Will I have to pull off the console to get to the rest of those wires it seems?  I can always attach new wires to the old and pull through, unless they are tied down somewheres.  Thanks, John

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    Did you get a response to this inquiry?  I have a similar issue.  None of my switches work.  Everything was working last night and we pushed the docking light switch and all switches and lights stopped working.  Gauges still work.  I don’t see any fuses behind the dash.

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    Hello reeve4u, welcome to the Hurricane Owners Forum!
    The thread you are responding to is very old.  While these threads are great for research, responses to old threads rarely yield an answer, in the future, it's usually best to post a new message.

    When all switches cease to function, it is often associated where main power is distributed to the helm.  This usually occurs in 2 places:
    1) The Master Switch on located on the dash panel.  If turning it on makes nothing happen, there is usually a circuit breaker next to the switch. check to see if it needs to be reset (My take is you probably did this already).
    2) The main fuse or circuit breaker located back by the transom near the battery.  They are usually in an in-line fuse holder coming off the positive terminal of the battery and the wiring will be "red".  You may find as many as "3" of these holders going to different electrical systems on your boat.  One of them is for the helm.  Check the holder for 2 things, whether there is a blown fuse, and if the holder itself is corroded and in need of cleaning or replacement.  This is a common problem area due to the holders proximity to potential high humidity and/or getting wet being back by the transom.

    Here's what the holder may look like:

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