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No Power on Console. Where do I start to look for the issue?


Was out on a charter yesterday and I noticed that the radio had turned itself off at somepoint.  It was getting dark so I turned on the Navigation lights and nothing.  The master switch, which usually has a red light when it's "on," was completely dark.  The gauges were working (i.e. Speedo, tilt/trim, rpm) but the lights, radio, master switch, and bilge were not.  Made it home safely and charged the batteries overnight.  They were actually fine.  Motor ran the whole time so I assumed it was the other battery.  However, its fully charged and the switches still do not light up.

Where should I start looking for the issue?


Captain Bob


  • Bubspeed
    Bubspeed Member Posts: 3
    The Red Relay/Fuse was the culprit.  I went to take out the blue/green fuse and not only was it burnt but the tabs had corroded so badly that they broke off completely.  The local marina had a $11.00 fix in stock so I simply replaced it with a 30 amp thermal fuse.  There was also a $90.00 completely waterproof fuse but I am cheap and wanted to make sure that this was truly the problem.
  • cjjjdeck
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    Welcome to the Owners Forum Captain Bob!

    The problem you encountered is very often the culprit you found (rather quickly, I must add!).  That's the part of the boat that has the most humidity build up.  Glad you found it and posted the repair with pictures!
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