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SS Prop Pitch for 2004 Fun Deck 201?

I have a 2004 Fun Deck 201 with a Yamaha 150 four-stroke.  If I'm going to buy a stainless steel prop, what brand and pitch would you suggest if I want to get the most out of my outfit?


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    The most important thing you need to to determine is if your current prop is allowing you to operate the motor at wide open throttle (WOT).  That is what you want to achieve with any type of prop.

    As a general rule, every 1-inch change in prop pitch yields about a 200 RPM change.  More pitch will reduce RPM and less pitch will increase RPM.

    There is a lot of prop choice posts and threads on the forum that might better guide you.  Here's one to get you started, you can find others by just typing in something like "prop pitch" in the search field in the upper right of the page:
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