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Debating about Repowering my 2006 218 Fun Deck

Hey guys,

  As the title says, I have a 2006 FunDeck 218 with a 150hp Honda OB.  Overall the engine has been great, but I find it lacking the low-end torque when attempting to water ski, and top end is around 35-36mph (per the dash gauge).

The boat is rated up to 200hp, and we are kicking around the idea of repowering with a 200hp OB.

Going with a 200hp Honda would be the first logical option, but I'm wondering if a different brand would provide better low-end grunt (without sacrificing reliability).  From what I read the Evinrude G2 has a ton of low end power. 

Any thoughts/experience/comments?

Lastly with the trade-in/sale of my 150hp Honda (with 150 hours of us), what do you think the approximate cost would be?

Thanks in advance!