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does anyone know where/how i can get electrical wiring diagrams for a 2007 GS 172?

i recently moved down in size from a 2005 226ref to a 2007 GS172.  there appear to be some wiring/electrical problems.  it would be great to have a diagram to work through rather than just dig into the boat.


  • trwynn
    trwynn Member Posts: 4
    Looking for the same thing for my 2012 188 SD OB. There should be access somewhere. I'm still waiting. 
  • cjjjdeck
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    Welcome to the Owners Forum josch!

    I should be able to get you the wiring diagrams for your boat.  I am sending you a Personal Message regarding it.  Look for a red number "1" next to the globe and envelope icons next to your Avatar in the upper left corner of the screen.  Click on the envelope, then click on my message to read it.
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