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SS231 Trolling motor install discussion and questions

njm130 Member Posts: 10
I just bought a 2014 SS 231 Want a trolling motor. I was recommended the Minn Kota Riptide ST with 112lb thrust and 60" shaft ($1830, plus batteries, battery trays, battery charger, mounting bracket, and install).  I want spot lock and i-Pilot features.  Here is what I found out so far...

- 80lbs thrust is bare minimum, 100+ recommended.  Reason, 80lbs thrust is good up to about a 4000lb boat. Add fuel/water/gear/people and I'm at 4500-5000lbs. I want spot lock effective in decent current so I need 100+ thrust.  One owner with a 20' hurricane and 80# thrust likes it but does not use it for trolling or spot lock in current.  He sees only 2.5 mph.  Minn Kota rates the 112# thrust motor good for a 23' boat up to 7kts.   

- fishing package pre-wiring is good enough for 36v system, but you need 3 deep cycle 12v batteries for the 100+ lb thrust motor (2 batteries for 24v, 80# thrust) and a separate cranking battery.  I am hoping to use my trolling batteries as house batteries as well to avoid a 5 battery set up. Issues with that?  Wiring 3 12v batteries in series gives 36v so does that run too much power to the other components? Do I need to leave the trolling motor batteries separate?

- 54" shaft will work fine for the GS/SS 211/231 since the bow is low, but the 112# Minn Kota only comes in 60" shaft length.  Some installers can cut the shaft down or you can live with a long trolling motor.  

- Mounting options are limited.  Hurricane did not design the bow well for a trolling motor.  I have seen many pics with people mounting them straight through the bow opening step but my model has the anchor locker and a fishing chair there.  Also, when stowed it will be in the way of people sitting in the bow area.  I would prefer to mount it along the bow angle to maintain access to the anchor locker and fishing chair without deploying the motor to get to the anchor.  If I mount it straight I have to remove the seat and deploy the motor to get to the anchor.  The angle from the bow swim step to the rub rail causes a decent overhang requirement for the trolling motor mount and limits the angle mounting options as well.  Also, I want the motor safely stowed out of the way when docking but it has to clear the rub rail too.  This is my biggest problem and suggestions are greatly aporeciated.  I think I might need to fabricate a custom mount.

- Hummingbird 899 units are being discontinued for the new Helix line and are a great value right now and a more capable unit according to a Bass Pro Marine Electronics expert.  They pair with the Minn Kota for A/P and spot lock features.  

- Some Hurricane owners see a listing problem with multiple batteries on one side.  The SS231 has the water tank on the opposite side and can be filled for a counter ballast.  I don't expect this to be a big issue with four batteries.  

Any other issues I'm missing? Suggestions?
2014 SS 231 w/Yamaha 200