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22' 226FF trailer question/boat position question

Hi, this is my first boat owning and the deck boat came on a magic tilt trailer with bunk boards on the bottom and newly installed rollers in the middle for the keel.  Not sure if this was setup improper but when the boat is loaded I can bring it all the way to the front stop bunks and have the cable attached but as soon as I pull out of the ramp the boat slides back about 6-8" from the stop and is no longer touching the front roller.  Seller also included a come along cable that I use when transporting it just seems strange the boat wants to be more towards the rear than up to the front stops?  The cable is plenty tight when I take it out of the water but it always shifts to the rear. 

The Keel has some beaching damage at the front of it that I want to fix and then "bed liner" cover the keel area to protect it "also cover the repaired area so it doesn't have to be painted"  I am wondering if just the bunks can be used to hold the boat on the trailer and I can remove the rollers while all this is being done.  I plan to do all the work myself just don't want to mess anything up by removing the rollers while it's being done.  If anyone else has a similar trailer setup with middle rollers than can show what it should look like that would help out a ton. 


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    I searched some other threads and recommend adjusting the wench back towards the tongue to get the hull to sit closer to the trailer.  Came with a transom saver as well.  It's at the longest setting on the arm, not sure if that matters but the hull isn't completely on the trailer.  I believe this might be the problem as the boat almost teeters on the rollers.  I am going to at the least lower the rollers in the middle to put more weight on the bunks.  I believe the rollers are too high and making it harder to get on the trailer when loading. 
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    I have a roller trailer, but I will say that after I bring the boat up from the ramp, I always go back to the winch and often there is a bit of slack I have to bring up to tighten it against the bow stop, then I connect the safety chain.  My winch uses a web strap, not cable.
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    Thanks for that info.  Mine is a cable and I would like to use a strap however I don't want to crank on the hook for fear of ripping it off the boat.  I will know more once the rollers are lowered/removed.  Have to clean the boat up as well so this will help having those removed.  Was thinking of putting on a keel guard or bed liner to protect the keel.  Have a couple places here where we can beach the boat on the soft sand, no shells.