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Any tips for how to loosen a frozen telescopic tow bar?

Hi - I recently purchased a 2011 SD2000.  It has a pull up tow bar that is frozen.  I have pulled the whole assembly out and tried some penetration oil and tapping and pulling but can not seem to get it to budge.  Any tips would be appreciated.  Also, is ok to tap/hammer, what I think is the inner tow bar from the bottom?  Thanks!


  • awsegraves
    awsegraves Member Posts: 2
    Update - I was finally able to budge the inner tube up about 2 ft.  I can only get it to move in either direction by stomping it with a galvinized pipe.   I cleaned the inside well.

    Any ideas on how to free it up into a usable state.
  • PescaBene
    PescaBene Member Posts: 64 ✭✭
  • Thesteve
    Thesteve Member Posts: 45 ✭✭
    Try mouse milk, best penetrating oil in the market. (Amazon)
  • grantwoolsey
    grantwoolsey Member Posts: 2
    I recently purchased the same boat and have the same problem. Can you give me any guidance on how to remove the whole assembly as you did. Any idea who the OEM is?
  • bigbuka1
    bigbuka1 Member Posts: 42 ✭✭
    a few years ago I had the same issue.  I sanded the plastic bushing down to give it some more clearance.  It gets worse as it gets hot and humid.  A real pain in the butt.  Once I sanded down the bushing I was able to get some wd-40 in there and it has worked better.   
    2012 Hurricane SD2000
  • grantwoolsey
    grantwoolsey Member Posts: 2
    How did you expose the plastic bushing to sand it down. The top bushing in my post seems to have some play but I think it's the bottom one that is the problem. Lottsa wd40 and fluid film and it still needs to moved with brute force. It looks to me like the last assembled piece is the stud that is tack welded in place for the post twist lock. Otherwise I think the tubes would separate - am I close on this?