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Anyone know a good vendor to purchase a winter cover for a Sundeck 187 I/O with swim deck?

Just bought my 2015 Sundeck this year. Sadly boating weather coming to an end here in North Carolina. My boat is stored outside for the winter and I am looking for a good cover or tarp to protect the boat. I looked at custom covers but all I get back are quotes for $1,000+.


  • cpufixer1
    cpufixer1 Member Posts: 54 ✭✭

    I too had a hard time finding a winter cover for my 2014 SD2000. So I told my shrink wrap guy to wrap my boat last season. In the spring I was able to slide the shrink wrap off in one piece and saved it. I just winterized the boat last weekend and slid the cover back on. Worked perfect.

    FYI - I was able to do this for my prior boat for 10 years with the same shrink wrap. It's a custom cover for $175.

  • Ernest_T
    Ernest_T Member, Moderator Posts: 269 ✭✭✭
    I found one for my boat through the iboats site:

    I ended up with an Outdura Cover, which fit the boat well, and has held up well for the past 5 winters.  
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