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Fresh Water Switch

On my 2015 188 SunDeck Sport there is a fresh water switch right up under the accessory switch on the right hand side of the steering wheel.   I can not figure out what this is for.  Anybody have any idea what it is for and how to use it?



  • cjjjdeck
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    That switch activates a water pump that supplies water for a fresh water washdown system located in the stern of the boat.

    It would look like this:

    Your galley sink might also have the option of being pressurized by the same pump, otherwise the boat comes standard with a manual pump for the sink.

    If you don't have either option and you don't hear a pump running when you activate the switch, you probably don't have the option even though the dash panel has the switch on it.

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  • HydroCanis
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    If you do have it and don't hear the pump, it may have failed. If water freezes in it, bad news. Which reminds me... I need to get some antifreeze in mine, pronto (I had to replace mine most likely due to freezing before I owned the boat).
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