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Fresh water tank

2016  - 2200 DC OB.  Does anyone happen to know the Fresh Water Tank capacity and Holding Tank capacity for this boat, when equipped with the Flush Toilet (Head?) It was full (Fresh water tank) when I picked up the boat from the dealer new, and worked fine. I just drained all the water from that tank to put in potable water anti-freeze for the Winter.  After adding 4 gallons of anti-freeze, the pump still will not prime correctly.  It will pump small amounts of water to all the facets and head, but is not clearing the air or pumping a full amount of water. I would have thought 4 gallons should be enough to prime the pump properly.  There is no capacity information in the owner's manual.  Thanks.

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  • Ernest_T
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    I think the fresh water tank on my 217 is either 15 or 17 gallons.  I suspect a similar size on the 2200.  I would think that 4 gallons would definitely be enough to cover the outlet line and allow the pump to prime.  I've had problems getting my system to prime when I bring the boat out of storage in the spring after running it dry for the winter.   I've heard that this is a problem with some models of Jabsco pumps, which is what I have on my boat.  

    You could have a problem with the tank vent or a leak that is letting air in the system, but I suspect that it is just a finicky pump like mine.  It does help with mine to fill the tank completely.  I suspect this just puts more water pressure into the system ahead of the pump.  I also leave one of the faucets open and let the pump run for a while.  It sometimes takes 10 or more minutes, but it finally starts running correctly.   
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  • 89checkmate
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    I had the same problem with mine this fall after I drained all the water, put in 5 gallons and it still wouldn't prime, ended up leaving the pump on and drove around the block a few times hitting any bumps I seen and it primed right away, my fresh water tank on my 203 O/B is 21 gallons.
  • M99
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    Thanks to all.  Sounds like a finicky pump to get started than. I ran into the problem after I intentionally drained the water and put in anti-freeze.

  • Dave
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    I have the same problem with my 217sd. I found that if I hang the sink hose over the side, run the pump and then open the spray head it will create a siphon and prime the pump.
  • M99
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    Thanks.  Great idea I hadn't thought of.