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Where from the internet do we get the overall parts for any fundeck gs201 thanks

hello need answer for the above question


  • omar174
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    There isn't a one stop shop unfortunately. 

    Probably the the worst part of Hurricane boat ownership. Parts availability (specially online) is very limited and dealer support in that regard is often abysmal. 

    Thank god for boating forums, lots of ideas and resources. You just need to be specific with your inquiries. 
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  • cjjjdeck
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    Welcome to the Owners Forum, coco!

    omar174 sums it up pretty well.  Boat manufacturers don't actually manufacture very much except the hull, upper deck, upholstery and trim.  Most of the rest of the boat is made up of vendor supplied parts, many of them used by other boat manufacturers and often available off the shelf of marine suppliers. The challenge is trying to identify the parts in question.  That's where the forum comes in handy to help discover who made the part and where to get it.

    Hurricane works strictly through their dealer network regarding parts.  As with any dealer based business, there are good eggs and bad eggs.  I happen to have an exceptional dealer that I bought my boat from and have been more than satisfied with the service and parts requests.  If you don't have a Hurricane dealer that you bought the boat from, then it probably is worth your while to shop the dealers in your area and see who the winners are.  Use the Dealer Finder search field in the upper right of this webpage.  We also can obtain the Hurricane part number on something you're looking for, if that helps.

    Most parts are available from Hurricane on model years 2006 and newer.  However, many models have had a number of years of run (my 2012 SD237 has been around since 1999).  Sometimes the parts that were used for 2006 and newer boats were still used on older than 2006 boats.  Hurricane can't confirm it because the records no longer exist.  Once again, this is where the forum can help.
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  • coco
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  • Dhubb
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    cjjjdeck could you take a picture of your door latch for the head.  My 2005 sd237 latch is broke and hoping your latch is the same so I can order one.  Thanks.
  • BigDaddyNJ
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    Do you have an internet address for any dealers in or close to New Jersey?

  • cwood
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    It is hard to believe that Godfrey doesn't supply any better service on parts breakdowns for the various boats, cwood
  • omar174
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    I've heard the same complaint about other brands. Really sucks. I've been looking for a used seat cushion because it's no longer available new. 
    2003 GS211 Yamaha 150 HP OX66
  • ICWexplorer
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    I've had some luck finding a couple items on ebay. and google