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Mounting onboard charger

powerhouse Member Posts: 39 ✭✭
Looking for ideas on how/where to mount the charger.  The instructions states that it should be mounted with bolts and nuts but I think i'm limited on the places I can mount it using bolts nuts.  I understand that it's heavy, so I was thinking of mounting it standing it upright along the side wall of the ski box.  This would still give me enough length of leads to reach all batteries while not interfering with storage.  The problem is I wouldn't be able to reach the outside of the ski box so I wouldn't be to use bolts and nuts. 

Has anyone had an issue using screws with 5200 on them?  The screws wouldn't need to support the weight of the charger since it would be standing upright on the floor of the ski box, the screws would just keep it secured to the side wall of the ski box.
2002 FD196F/Yamaha 115


  • James
    James Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2015 SS201 IO.  Three batteries are mounted in the aft port side.  I plan on mounting the charger in the aft starboard side just in front of the fresh water tank.